The two solo’s: Finland and Estonia

We desided to travel both alone for a week! We do not have relationproblems! 🙂 Don’t worry.. Klarremieken desided to do some vollunteer work in Estoniaand during this week Ewoud will cycle north through Finland. We will meet again in the north in a week!

Finland, untill now is a beautifull country! Nature is everywhere! You can just keep cycling through the forest, lakes on both sides of you. Perfect for a few swim’s every day! I also allready met a lot of really amazing people! The first night in Finland i could stay with Alpo and his wife. We met Alpo cycling in Poland. He was cycling to his house close to Helsinki. It very nice to meet him again. He also helped me out with my gears! Thanks a lot!

Two days later I was invited to sleep with a familie in Lahti. Thanks a lot! The next days i will try to cycle as for as possible to the noth. Hopefully the weather is on my side! 🙂

Baltische staten: Letland en Estland (Dag 140) op naar Finland

Na Litouwen fietsten we in het Oosten Letland binnen. Letland en Litouwen zijn zeer vergelijkbaar. Alleen zijn er in Letland nog minder mensen! In het oosten van het land waar wij fietsten, zijn de Russische invloeden nog goed zichtbaar. In de huizen, de grijze blokken en de mentaliteit van de mensen. Vooral in kleine afgelegen dorpen lijkt het wel of je 100 jaar terug in de tijd wordt geslingerd.


e eerste echte problemen aan de fiets duiken op,… maar na een bezoek aan de fietsenmaker, loopt alles weer gesmeerd. Een nieuwe ketting en casette.

Baltic States: Lithuania

Lithuania, another page in our travel, another border crossed. Acually we are allready in Estonia by the time you read this. There is a lot to tell. We crossed the border between Poland and Lithuania together with our Mexican friend Merak. He is cycling from Barcelona to Moskou and we met hem in the north of Poland. We cycled together for a little week! We had a very good time full of laughter, crazy stories and nice taco party’s!


bout Lithuania: it was very nice to enter this country. After Poland it was more easy to make contact with the locals. People are more open, smiling, waving at you,… In the capital, Vilnius, we where even invited in a house to spend the night! Thanks again guys! 🙂 The locals speak more often English compared with Poland. But I think it would still be better to know some Russian.. 😛

This country is perfect for those who look for a peacefull time in nature. There are very little people living in this country, so nature is everywhere. It is very easy to find a camping place somewhere in the forest or meadow. But still we camped every time in peoples garden. Thanks to the very friendly people and Merak’s social skills! 🙂

This country is very good to cycle, as long you stay on the bigger roads. The small and sometimes not so small roads are sandroades. DON’T take this roads!!! You will and up pushing your bike for many kilometers! And there is no reason to leave the big roads. There is almost no one on them.


e were very lucky with the nice sunny weather we had those weeks! Nice for a cyclist, but a lot of worrys for local farmers. Almost every noon we had a swim in one of the many lakes.

Oost Polen en Bialowieza

Hallo allemaal! We waren even van de radar door de slechte ontvangst bij de grens met Belarus.

Oost Polen was prachtig. We fietsten voornamelijk over rustige wegen door de natuur. We vertoevden enkele dagen in het zowat bekendste en oudste bos van Europa. Het Oerbos van Bialowieza ligt deels in Polen en deels in Belarus (Wit Rusland). Het natuurpark is gigantisch. Het binnenste deel alleen is groter dan 300 ha. Het binnenste deel of strikte reservaat, is het oudste onaangetaste stukje bos van Europa. Er werd in het verleden wel gejaagd, maar voor zover men weet werden er geen bomen gekapt. Het Walhalla voor natuurliefhebbers.

Wij hadden het geluk om in het natuurreservaat te slapen bij Johanna en haar zoon Dan, die we via via hadden leren kennen. Johanna is de nicht van de wereld bekende Simone Kosak. 🙂 Vlak bij haar huis leefde momenteel een wilde bizon! :O

We zagen ook enkele eiken van meer als 300 jaar oud!

Dankjewel Johanna en Dan!

Hiernaast was het oerbos ook het middelpunt van onze reis (in afstand)! Hoe symbolisch!! We fietsten onze 4000ste kilometer! :-:-):-):-)

Na het oerbos zetten we onze tocht verder naar het Noorden. Helaas kwamen we verschillende keren barslechte wegen tegen. Los grint en diep zand… Hier kan je met een bepakte fiets niet in fietsen. 20 kilometer duwen en kleine stukjes fietsen is geen eitje.

Gelukkig konden we nog lachen en achteraf valt het allemaal wel mee. Doorzetten leer je op een lange reis.

Na twee lange vermoeiende dagen werden we warm ontvangen door een Warmshowers host: Jan. We konden even de benen laten rusten. Daar ontmoeten we Merak uit Mexico die van Barcelona naar Moskou fietst.

Merak maakte fantastisch eten voor ons! Echte Mexicaanse taco’s!

Merak moet de zelfde richting uit als ons dus we hebben besloten om even samen te fietsen! Op naar Litouwen!

The oldest forest in Europe

Once upon a time there was a woman who lived in the middle of a very old and big forest in the east of Poland: Bialowieza. She lived there together with wild animals who you could never imagine living with humans. Here name is Simone Kossak.

Her little niece helped her during the summer. Now she herself is living in the forest together with her son. They live between wild cats, a sweet dog, some other wild animals and… a bison!

In this ancient forest, at some places without the trees ever touched by humans, you can feel the harmony and diversity of nature. You can feel the power, you can feel the magic.

You can realise in which time we live in the earths history. The time of leaf trees, of flowers, birds and mamals. Humanity feels a bit more relative when you are inside the Bialowieza.

Thank you so much Joanna & Dan for this experience. To show us again the beauty of the life.

The difernece between boys and girls

Before the trip started, I knew there was a difference between boys and girls. Physically and mentally. During 3 months of the trip, I forgot. I was blaming myself I wanted to find a place to sleep more early than Ewoud, that my belly did hurt after 4 long cycling days, that my resistance was less strong than at home. We went for a bloodtest in the hospital, because I thought to have some lack of iron, but the results showed that everything was okay. Still I didn’t find my normal energy.

At this moment we met Roel and Rian from the Netherlands. After their retirement they start cycling on a tandem. Rian told me something that brought me more peace than I had in a long time. That she became sick after a long time folowing the energy level of her husband, even on a tandem. Especially during the periods. Her body forced her to have some days of rest. That was the time I decided to take a bus for one day while Ewoud broke our record of 100km cycling. It was hard for me to submit I was less strong, but wonderfull to listen to my limits. Afterwards my body was healed 🙂