Volunteering in Estonia

While Ewoud made some kilometers in Finland, I cheated a bit in Estonia by doing volunteer work in the Karula and Vatla National Park with SCI organisation. In the first place we took out the invasive plant Hymalayan Balsam.

In the second place we tried to make a better habitat for the endangered Natterjack toad by cutting all the bushes. I could even try the wippersnipper!

We had wonderfull leaders who thought about the food, logistics but gave us even a time to never forget by showing us local nature by wonderfull walks and traditions as taking a sauna and we even cooked on a fire and an oven. Thank you endlessly for this unforgettable time Triin and TauriL!!!

Peat landscape

Karula national park

The last stay was in a renovated train station of Karuse. I had a very interesting time with the owner and renovater and super interesting person Melike.

Karuse train station

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