The two solo’s: Finland and Estonia

We desided to travel both alone for a week! We do not have relationproblems! 🙂 Don’t worry.. Klarremieken desided to do some vollunteer work in Estoniaand during this week Ewoud will cycle north through Finland. We will meet again in the north in a week!

Finland, untill now is a beautifull country! Nature is everywhere! You can just keep cycling through the forest, lakes on both sides of you. Perfect for a few swim’s every day! I also allready met a lot of really amazing people! The first night in Finland i could stay with Alpo and his wife. We met Alpo cycling in Poland. He was cycling to his house close to Helsinki. It very nice to meet him again. He also helped me out with my gears! Thanks a lot!

Two days later I was invited to sleep with a familie in Lahti. Thanks a lot! The next days i will try to cycle as for as possible to the noth. Hopefully the weather is on my side! 🙂

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