Baltic States: Lithuania

Lithuania, another page in our travel, another border crossed. Acually we are allready in Estonia by the time you read this. There is a lot to tell. We crossed the border between Poland and Lithuania together with our Mexican friend Merak. He is cycling from Barcelona to Moskou and we met hem in the north of Poland. We cycled together for a little week! We had a very good time full of laughter, crazy stories and nice taco party’s!


bout Lithuania: it was very nice to enter this country. After Poland it was more easy to make contact with the locals. People are more open, smiling, waving at you,… In the capital, Vilnius, we where even invited in a house to spend the night! Thanks again guys! 🙂 The locals speak more often English compared with Poland. But I think it would still be better to know some Russian.. 😛

This country is perfect for those who look for a peacefull time in nature. There are very little people living in this country, so nature is everywhere. It is very easy to find a camping place somewhere in the forest or meadow. But still we camped every time in peoples garden. Thanks to the very friendly people and Merak’s social skills! 🙂

This country is very good to cycle, as long you stay on the bigger roads. The small and sometimes not so small roads are sandroades. DON’T take this roads!!! You will and up pushing your bike for many kilometers! And there is no reason to leave the big roads. There is almost no one on them.


e were very lucky with the nice sunny weather we had those weeks! Nice for a cyclist, but a lot of worrys for local farmers. Almost every noon we had a swim in one of the many lakes.

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