The oldest forest in Europe

Once upon a time there was a woman who lived in the middle of a very old and big forest in the east of Poland: Bialowieza. She lived there together with wild animals who you could never imagine living with humans. Here name is Simone Kossak.

Her little niece helped her during the summer. Now she herself is living in the forest together with her son. They live between wild cats, a sweet dog, some other wild animals and… a bison!

In this ancient forest, at some places without the trees ever touched by humans, you can feel the harmony and diversity of nature. You can feel the power, you can feel the magic.

You can realise in which time we live in the earths history. The time of leaf trees, of flowers, birds and mamals. Humanity feels a bit more relative when you are inside the Bialowieza.

Thank you so much Joanna & Dan for this experience. To show us again the beauty of the life.

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