The difernece between boys and girls

Before the trip started, I knew there was a difference between boys and girls. Physically and mentally. During 3 months of the trip, I forgot. I was blaming myself I wanted to find a place to sleep more early than Ewoud, that my belly did hurt after 4 long cycling days, that my resistance was less strong than at home. We went for a bloodtest in the hospital, because I thought to have some lack of iron, but the results showed that everything was okay. Still I didn’t find my normal energy.

At this moment we met Roel and Rian from the Netherlands. After their retirement they start cycling on a tandem. Rian told me something that brought me more peace than I had in a long time. That she became sick after a long time folowing the energy level of her husband, even on a tandem. Especially during the periods. Her body forced her to have some days of rest. That was the time I decided to take a bus for one day while Ewoud broke our record of 100km cycling. It was hard for me to submit I was less strong, but wonderfull to listen to my limits. Afterwards my body was healed 🙂

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