The other side of Croatia (Day 60)

After cycling the touristic coast of Croatia we hadded inland, there we found a much more peacefull and beautifull Croatia. Wild forrest, grasland, little villages and calmness. We paddeled slowly through this wild nature, sometimes on little roads, sometimes on gravel paths. This is why we are cycling!

t’s amazing (and not always in a possitive way) how tourists can change a place. Some places will never be the same. Often nature has to pay the bill. Buildings and appartmants (appartman, appartmani, appartmaji,… Depends of the country) take the place of forrest and wilde coasts. And together with these places the local people change. After sometimes they get sick of al these tourist and there pictures. Even they bring the money. We heard a lott of locals say it…

That’s why we decided to make this journey as travelers, not as tourists.

Take that little crapy road instead of the main road. Buy local food, speak to local people in this little villages. You will meet a different country. Don’t be afraid, people are willing to help. 🙂

The thing that surprised us the moast, was how much the Croatians in the small villages loved there country and there place. Many people needed to flee during the war in the ’90. Some of them came back after the war. They feel a very strong connection. They feel they belong there.

The traces of war are still visible everywhere. Holes of bullets and artillery are left in some houses and buildings.

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