Magical Slovania (Dat 68)

Slovania, there is something that makes us come back to this country. (It’s the third time for us) Our first plan was to cycle from Croatia to Hungry… But while traveling plans change. So Slovania it is. 🙂

Slovania has something strange that atrects us. I think it’s the beautifull nature. It will not be the most speciale thing you have ever seen, but it’s continuous. Nature is everywhere, even when you cycle to the capital Ljubljana, you can follow some small roads through the forrest. And suddenly you are at 5km of the city center! Perfect for bikes! When cycle out of the city you are in a kind of ferrytale. Green hills, small neet villages, blue rivers and snow mountains.

Also Slovania is one of this countrys where nature is protected very good. We can learn something from them!

In a few days we will start doing some vollunteer work. We will help a week at the Connect conference. It’s a meeting with people of Waldorfschool (steinerschool) from all around the world.

The Triglav Parc adventures you will read in the next blog! Be prepared!! 😀😀

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